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HR Higgins

HR Higgins encapsulates everything that we, as a population of tea drinkers, love about our cuppa; history, quality, assuredness, taste and pedigree…

HR Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd is a third generation family business founded in 1942.Their aim has always been to offer the best quality and to guide customers to find the tea which suits them best.

They source some of the world’s finest loose leaf teas, also available in specially designed gift boxes, sold in their London shop in Mayfair’s Duke Street and online. Choose from rare teas like Darjeeling Makaibari 1st Flush Grand Reserve, Nepalese Himalayan Imperial, Indian Meghalaya Lakyrsiew and Mannong Ancient White Buds, to classic Assam Belseri Malt Ceylon Orange Pekoe St Clair, and our own blends Higgins Mayfair Blend, Duke Street Blend, and Higgins Afternoon Blend.

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Teapigs’ Matcha contains two special amino acids that work together with matcha’s natural caffeine to give our bodies a gentle and sustained energy boost lasting four-six hours – no more afternoon slumps!

This dynamic combination also reduces stress and helps you remain calm and focused – that’s why Buddhist monks have drunk matcha for centuries – just what you need when you’re about to meditate for many hours!

When you drink regular green tea, once brewed, you throw away the leaves so it’s a bit like boiling spinach, throwing away the spinach and just drinking the water – you get some of the nutrients but you’re throwing away most of the goodness. Matcha is drunk as a fine powder diffused in liquid so you actually ingest the whole leaf, consuming every last bit of goodness.

To order online or to find out your nearest retailer visit www.teapigs.co.uk

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Boutique Teas

Clipper have searched the world’s finest tea producers and handpicked an exclusive range of speciality teas, each one typical of its region. beautifully presented in a delightfully- designed caddy, these superb teas will prove to be the ultimate discovery for fine tea lovers.

Each region and estate bestows a unique flavour profile for the teas it produces and each one of Clipper’s Boutique teas comes with tasting notes and the story of the tea estate or region.

The teas are either loose leaf or packed in silky tea tents to let the teas perfectly infuse. These teas are limited edition as the leaves were all lovingly handpicked at the perfect time in the growing season.Visit the website for tasting notes on Clipper’s range, including single estate assam Tea, single estate Darjeeling, english breakfast, earl grey Ceylon, Jasmine blossom white silver needles, snow Dragon green Tea and the world renowned Tie guan yin Oolong.

Newby Teas – flowering tea range

When tea was first discovered, it was savoured as a rare commodity – the drink of royalty and aristocrats.With its rise in popularity and mass production, tea has become a drink that is often consumed in a rush, with no sense of ceremony or respect for its prestigious past.

Newby aims to bring tea back up to its elevated position in society, creating innovative new blends and styles of teas to share with tea lovers and connoisseurs across the world. It’s with this in mind, that Newby Teas has created a range of flowering Chinese teas.A Newby flowering tea is a simple luxury, handmade by crafting a delicate bundle of carefully selected green tea leaves and exotic flowers to form a ball. When steeped in hot water the tea leaves unfurl, creating a unique visual display which emulates a blooming flower.

These teas are produced by skilled masters under Newby’s specifications and guidance. As only the finest quality green teas are selected to create handmade flowering teas, they taste as good as they look…

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