Pickled Radish


One of the earliest signs of life in the veggie patch in the British growing year. As part of the mustard family these small bulbs can pack a real peppery punch which makes a great addition sure to spice up any salad, sandwich or stir-fry. If you have decided not to grow them look for plump, firm bulbs that are bright in colour and unblemished, never wilted. They will store in a fridge for a few days but trim the leaves beforehand and plunge them into icy water before serving to reinvigorate them. My favourite way to eat them is very thinly sliced and served with lots of coriander as a garnish to a simple stir fry.

Pickled Radish

Quickly blanch two bunches of radishes in boiling salted water and refresh! Transfer to a kilner jar. In a medium pan, bring to a simmer two chopped shallots, one clove of garlic, a sprig of thyme and rosemary, one bay leaf, 100ml white wine vinegar, 75ml rosé’, 20g castor sugar and six pink peppercorns. Infuse for three minutes and pour over the radishes. Allow to cool and place in the fridge. Great as a addition to salad.

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