Chilli Harissa Chicken

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Olives Et Al are the justifiably proud creators and makers of good, honest, pull-up a chair and dig in food. Their multi-award winning range goes from olives to dressings, sauces to oils, snacks to incredible kiln roasted nuts and more besides. Using carefully sourced foodstuffs and recipes discovered on trips all over the world, they have brought them all together at their base in the heart of Dorset. Using the highest quality ingredients possible – with no nasties added – you can be ensured a singularly mouth- watering experience with each and every one of Olives Et Al’s 90 products – there’s one for every meal and occasion.

People in the Mediterraneanhave long appreciated food not just as a source of nourishment but also of pleasure. Olives Et Al takes this ethos and applies it to the crafting of their products. Enjoy them with friends and family over a long and leisurely meal in the tradition of southern Europe.

Olives Et Al has just launched Chilli Harissa – wickedly hot chillies crushed with garlic, herbs and spices for an intense flavour. Mix into and spread onto your favourite dishes to add loads of flavour and turn up the heat. The paste is lovely in this super quick recipe.

Chilli Harissa Chicken


  • 1 chicken breast or portion
  • 1 tsp Olives Et Al Chilli Harissa

1 Heat your oven to 180°C. Stab your chicken all over with a skewer.
2 Rub Olives Et Al Chilli Harissa into and all over the chicken. Place on a baking tray and cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
3 Serve with herbed couscous and try adding a few cherry tomatoes and chopped olives into the couscous.

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