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Flavour’s guide to the natural benefits of coconuts

Not a lot of people know this, but there’s more to coconuts than sandy beaches, bright sunshine and love-em or hate-em chocolate bars.

Sourced from young green coconuts (not the brown furry ones!), coconut water is a nutritious and refreshing drink known for its health properties and for more than 4,000 years it has been a source of nutrition, wellness, beauty and vitality – a great source of potassium, helping you to meet your hydration needs.
Oils and creams and the water gleaned from this tropical fruit have become hits with celebrities, athletes and active-minded people alike, and as you will read for very good reasons. Have a look at some of the great products available to help you revitalize your lives…

ZICO — Active Hydration

ZICO brings the benefits of coconut water closer to home. All the delicious goodness of coconut water is conveniently delivered for today’s active lifestyles. As an isotonic drink, and with high levels of potassium, it is not only an ideal replenishment during or after exercise, but makes for perfect all-day refreshment whenever you’re on the go.

ZICO is a special blend of coconuts hand-picked in various parts of Asia. The coconuts from individual regions vary in taste, calorie content and nutritional content, so they are blended for consistency of taste, isotonic properties and a low calorie count.

As our lives become increasingly active, we’re all looking for ways to make sure we get the most out of each and every action-packed day.

For people who live an active lifestyle and strive to be their best – physically and mentally, at work and at play – ZICO helps meet those hydration needs.

Available in the delicious original coconut flavour, with further flavours set to be launched this year, ZICO’s stylish, recyclable and re-sealable bottle delivers on-the-go convenience enabling you to stay hydrated as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s a great addition to any gym bag and is always on hand to put back what the day takes out!

Get into COCONutty Goodness!

Coconutty Ltd
37 Wharfedale Rise
Wakefield WF3 1AY
Call: 0844 500 3778

In 2007, having experienced some amazing results using coconut oil, Coconutty’s founder Matthew Stockwell thought about promoting it to others. Natural products like coconut oil can’t be patented and we don’t hear much about them in the doctor’s surgery, but research shows that the coconut tree holds plenty of secrets, which have long been known about throughout the tropical world.

A Coconutty vision formed – over the coming years coconut products would surely become more and more in demand.

After all, who wouldn’t want an electrolyte-filled sports drink that’s from nature, not a lab (coconut water)? Or a delicious oil full of beneficial fatty acids (virgin coconut oil) that could be used instead of refined nutrient-devoid oils?

The coconut tree seems to have a good answer for everything, with Coconutty delivering organic coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut sugar and coconut water, and the tree itself even capable of producing vinegars and wines!

Coconutty’s mission is to promote natural coconut products while supporting local coconut farmers and families, with at least five per cent of profits going to charities in the producer regions.

GO COCO — a coconut water that tastes amazing…
Call us 0141 959 1059

That’s nuts! A fascinating fact about coconut water
One of the amazing things about coconut water is that it has the same osmotic pressure as that of blood plasma – which means it can be safely administered as an intravenous fluid. In fact it was used during World War II to save the lives of many wounded soldiers in the Pacific, where emergency transfusions using coconut water replaced lost blood plasma. Coconut water has also been used to treat cholera because of its electrolyte properties.

Go Coco is a brand new coconut water just launched in the uK, and this health drink is all about the taste!

Go Coco was born from the clear water of Thailand’s young, green coconuts, specifically chosen for their distinctly nutty, vanilla. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium and twice as much potassium as a banana, which is essential for optimum brain function, Go Coco’s health benefits are endless – but it is the flavour of this new drink that is starting to create some real buzz within the industry.

Dr Ross Currie, Managing Director of Go Coco, dedicated his time to sourcing the best tasting coconuts from around the world to provide 100 per cent naturally delicious coconut water, while also ensuring that his product still delivers all the same great health benefits too.

Coconut water has become increasingly popular over the last few years in America and now in the UK, with many celebrities highlighting it as their health drink of choice. Dr Currie says: “Having spent more than ten years working in the health sector, nutrition is something I have always been very interested in. I watched the buzz around coconut water grow in the States and with its unquestionable natural health benefits I started drinking it myself. However, not all brands were concentrating on the flavour, and it seemed a shame to not use the product because of the taste alone. So I decided to research the different types of coconuts out there, to see if it was possible to obtain a better tasting coconut water while still maintaining all the nutrients and health benefits… and that is how Go Coco was born!”

Aside from its great taste and all round goodness, Go Coco has natural isotonic properties and a perfect balance of electrolytes, making it a great choice for rehydrating. These particular qualities mean it is the ideal, natural choice for people on the go or at the gym as well as athletes and this is also why Go Coco is packaged in a re-sealable plastic bottle. Dr Currie says: “I wanted to marry up the health benefits and taste of Go Coco with the packaging, making it an easy option to have when you’re on the move and most in need of rehydrating. Coconut water actually rehydrates faster than water, so our mission is not only to educate people about its benefits but to encourage them to try it as a great tasting alternative to their bottled water.”

Go Coco is 100 per cent natural, with no added sugar or additives, making it suitable for people of all ages, and because it’s low in calories too it is the perfect drink to accompany diets or detoxes. The silky smooth, yet deliciously light flavour makes it a great beverage for everybody, not just the fitness freaks. Already a real hit across the pond, no doubt Go Coco will soon be taking our fair isle by storm.

“We don’t mind bragging about being an ethically responsible company. We’re all about balance and proud to say we’re doing our bit to give back and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Green CoCo

Green Coco uK
1 Farnham Road
Surrey GU2 4RG
United Kingdom


Call us 0207 183 8844

The original organic Dr Martins coconut juices – Are you in the know?

Dr Martins – Naturally functional, because we know you want harmony with nature.

Born from years of international nutritional and medical research by a true practising medical doctor, the original Dr Martins coconut juice was first introduced to an audience of some 300 physicians during the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004, showing the superior performance naturally obtained with the unique Dr Martins organic juice.

Since then, and based on a truly sustainable organic business philosophy, Green Coco has grown with the support of a loyal customer base that now includes elite athletes, professionals, kids, dads, mums, and many more, to become the largest organic coconut brand in Europe.

In the course of his two decades of experience as a paediatrician and sports physician, Dr Martins is often asked which beverage, other than water or breast milk, would be an ideal and healthy food complement. Dr Martins explains: “Coconut water from 100 per cent young green organic coconuts is one of the purest and healthiest drinks provided by nature. Inhabitants of tropical regions have been enjoying this extraordinary drink for many centuries. They ingest it for the purpose of refreshment, revitalisation, re- hydration, and nourishment and in order to maintain proper food and fluid levels in their bodies. There are many more beneficial properties from our uniquely patented organic coconut water. I fully endorse it, and I have seen the benefits first hand over many years.”

Dr Martins’ foods are bio-ethic products. Dr Martins places a great emphasis on sustainable production – from the cultivation of organic coconuts to environmentally friendly procedures. The high quality of the raw material is ensured through the organic growers’ fair pricing and purchasing guarantee. You will no doubt enjoy it thoroughly.


For more information about the products Purple Balance offers call: 07904 851308

Founded in 2004, Essence of Eden has supplied the uK market consistently with excellent quality organic coconut oil.

Being a centrifuged top oil means the moisture content is practically zero yet the oil retains all its nutritional value, creating the beautiful flavour and texture that has resulted in four awards in the last three years!

No other coconut oil has received such awards and it is a testament to the company’s commitment to detail, quality control and customer service that combine to make Essence of Eden stand out as a market leader with this gastronomically rewarding product.

To try your first purchase at a discounted rate, type the promo code Try Me Now into their buy online link on the company website. Offer limited to one 230g jar per customer.

Available from Independent health food stores and online, Essence Of Eden is a premium alternative to traditional cooking oils.

Flavour’s Coconut Bliss

Purple Balance, a young, vibrant and enthusiastic company with only natural and high-quality products, has teamed up with flavour and come up with a smoothie to end all smoothies..

Making sure each and every product Purple balance produces is manufactured with respect and love, their range of formulas come from wholesome real foods and include ingredients such us bee pollen, spirulina, cacao powder, lucuma and many other longevity foods.

When you mix these rich dense ingredients with fresh juices or smoothies you have a powerful drink that can enhance your energy, vitality and well-being.

Coconut Bliss


  • Coconut water (quantity dependent on taste)
  • Coconut flesh (0.5-1 coconut)
  • 1 banana
  • Handful of frozen berries
  • Pinch of Himalayan salt
  • Teaspoon of honey

Add all the ingredients to blender – More or less liquid depending on how sweet you like it. For a refreshing summer twist just add a couple of cubes of ice. How simple is that? yet delicious!

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