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Make new connections through car sharing

Would you like to save money in 2013?

Have you thought about car sharing? It’s a great way to save money and meet new friends at the same time.

Most of us share cars regularly with friends and family without thinking about it. But there are times when we do regular journeys with empty seats because we don’t know anyone going our way. Maybe you have been travelling the same way for years and never even considered sharing your journey?


Car-sharing schemes are becoming increasingly popular with hundreds of people signing up in the UK everyday. Whether you are travelling to work, taking the children to school or going out socially the benefits of car sharing speak for themselves.

Saving on fuel costs, cutting congestion and reducing your carbon footprint are the most obvious but there are personal benefits to you and the community too.

A real bonus of car sharing is the social aspect, for example people are making new friends in their neighbourhood who they may never otherwise have met.


By sharing local knowledge and connecting with people in the local community people are finding themselves trying new sports, discovering their local amenities and generally improving their social lives!

Why not give it a go and find your car sharing match? Remember to be flexible and find a solution that works for you; it could be that you try car sharing just a few days a week to fit in with your lifestyle.

You can sign up for free at (the local travel information website) where you can log on, register your journey and find your car-sharing match.

Try the savings calculator to see how much you could save each month, money that could be spent on social and leisure activities. Based on a five-mile return journey and sharing with one other person five days a week you could save up to £294 a year (estimate based on a 1.4 litre petrol car) Why not give it a go? Find out more on our website.

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